For important information regarding attendance and attendance monitoring at The Bramble Academy. Please see our Attendance Policy for further information: 

The Bramble Academy’s Expectation

We set very high standards with regard to attendance. Your child should be in school every day unless he or she is ill.

If your child is absent for any reason, please ring on the first day of absence. If you are unable to speak to the school office, please send a message via Weduc.

Holidays during term time cannot be authorised.

Unexplained absences are always queried.

Medical and Dental Appointments

Please note that whenever possible medical and dental appointments should be booked outside school hours. When this is not possible, please provide school with an appointment card or other proof of appointment so that there can be a copy on your child’s file.

Children should be returned to school promptly after appointments and signed out and in at the welcome desk.

Deciding Factors for Accepting Absence Requests

When considering a Request for Leave of Absence, the Principal will take the following into account:

– the effect the absence will have on the child’s education and ability to achieve
– the overall pattern of attendance and punctuality
– the age of the child
– the child’s stage of education
– the time of year (SATs or assessments)
– the particular family circumstances

Persistent Absence

In line with Government advice, the Persistent Absence (PA) threshold is 10%. Therefore any child with an overall attendance of under 90% over a given period with be classified as a persistent absentee pupil.

The following process is used to monitor pupils’ attendance:

School will require medical evidence at an early stage if absence persists.

Persistent Lateness

The school gates are open from 8.30am every morning. Children should be in the playground and ready to go into class. Persistent lateness is detrimental to your child’s education, their self-esteem and the education of the children in their class. It also gives poor preparation for future schooling and adult life.

The following process is used to monitor Persistent Lateness:

Term Time Holidays

The Bramble Academy cannot grant any authorised absence during term-time, unless in very exceptional circumstances. Essentially, term-time holidays will no longer be authorised.

The school strongly urges parents therefore not to book family holidays during term-time. Absence during term time as a result of term time holiday interrupts continuity of teaching and learning, disrupts educational progress of individual children and creates disruption in school.

The following process is used to monitor Term Time Holidays: